ALLOS - For freedom seekers

Create reports in Excel as you already know

ALLOS is Excel. Use all you already know in Excel, to create your reports, such as charts, nicely formated tables or any other Excel function. You can also change existing reports solely by applying ALLOS formulas that will make your report alive.

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Turn Excel into a Super Browser

ALLOS uses Excel as a browser to your information, using big data concepts to get maximum performance. ALLOS Reports are live spreadsheets that behave like reports in any Business Intelligence suite, always bringing the most up to date data.

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Transform any data into reportable data

Allos obtains data from a multitude of sources, whether is you internal ERP, your internal Database, files you have, or reports you export to use in Excel. ALLOS also allows you to use controlled Excel forms as a source of company data.

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Use and build your own formulas

ALLOS uses high speed formulas that you can build and use yourself, that bring data directly from the database, not from any other Excel location. Rather than formulas like VLOOKUP, you can build multiparameter formulas Like SALES or GLACCOUNT that bring the data directly to any place in Excel, allowing you to build any report you want.

Addons that improve user experience

Allos has a number of addons that improve the experience of using Reports in Excel, such as: the capability of searching any value in your database, the ability of creating search code to bring the data, the ability of freezing data, the ability of seing the individual values for any given indicator, and much more.

Use anywhere in or out of your organisation

Your ALLOS reports can be used anywhere, withing the company network, outside the company network, the cloud or even offline without access to any location. You can also use ALLOS only in your desktop, not being necessary a company wide instalation or you can use our mobile application.