About ALLOS solutions

About Allos

ALLOS was born in 2011 with the purpose of providing flexibility to our customers by using Excel and Word as productivity tools in a safe manner, integrated with the customers' entreprise systems. We pride ourselves in investing in continuous improvement and constant R&D to improve Allos performance.

After many years of investment and partnering with key customers, we decided it was time others could marvel with the experience of using ALLOS. Now we are fully commited to bring freedom to wherever users need it.

ALLOS mission is to help our customers, directlly or though our partners, to get the freedom they need to achieve their best performance within policies set by their organisation.

ALLOS is a brand name used by Inforposta to offer ALLOS Software Solutions to our customers.

ALLOS is based in Lisbon, Portugal, although we have customers and Allos users in the United Kigdom, Portugal and Angola, and a great team dedicated to support and help them.

What we believe in

We believe in freedom with responisbility. We believe all users should be free to perform their best for the organisation, and should only be constrained by the Company policies and rules. We believe everyone has the capability, given the chance to proof themselves, and we want to provide the right tools for that to happen.

Our origin

Our experience comes from working as IT consultants. Our Clients invested heavily in IT but, despite a high return on process quality, they didn't have the flexibility needed and always ended-up exporting to Excel as a parallel management system to analyse, work and present data. At the same time, IT departments were flooded with requests for support and training, jeopardising focus on important tasks. ALLOS has emerged to meet the need to reconcile flexibility and consistency of information. With ALLOS, our Customers get the highest return on investment made in their enterprise systems and they reuse all the spreadsheets they have already built.