Validation of material masters



The Challenge

Managing "Materials" master data is difficult, due to wrong descriptions and inconsistent classification. In a utilities environment, with a large number of items, there is always the risk of duplicated material masters, leading to inconsistent stock management. SAP tables are complex and difficult to work on.

ADN is responsible for the management of the water supply system for 3.7 million inhabitants, 22% of the continental Portugal area, in an area of 19.687 sqrkm.





The solution

ADN uses ALLOS to get the correct information about material masters and classification system, so that anyone, whenever creating a new material in the database, would be able to know if the material has already been created or not. Aditionally work was done to find existing duplicates.



The results

Not only the amount of work is reduced by requiring less materials to be created, but most importantly the material master has much less duplicates, enabling savings in the management of stock levels and purchases.