Wayfield - Grupo NUVI

Wayfield Bank Statement Management



The Challenge

Since it isn't possible for Wayfield to ship goods without confirmation that the payment is already in the Wayfield's account in Angola, bank statements must be loaded multiple times a day. However, banks statements come in multiple formats, from multiple banks, in multiple currencies and for multiple companies. Additionally, Wayfield employees, mainly in Angola, often work with slow internet connections. This caused a significantly slow delay in obtaining the data needed to perform daily tasks.

NUVI group operates mainly in Angola and Portugal since 1998 in an above a billion dollars operation, and detains companies like Kinda and Refriango.





The solution

ALLOS allows multiple bank statements to be uploaded to SAP in one go. But, most importantly, it retrives data from a multitude of different formats and makes it consistent with a single format, and it is very easy to react to changes in file format by the banks. Additionally, to avoid any reconciliation issues, it compares any transaction already considered, with the transactions from the statement, to avoid duplicates. Allos checks in detail the bank balances vs SAP balances. All of this, using ALLOS formulas that fetch data directly from the central systems.

ALLOS remote users can work and analyse the data offline. Just by pressing one button, Allos gets the latest data to the network and from there, employees analyse the information and make decisions, accessing the information compressed on their local PCs.



The results

With Allos, Wayfield is now able to manage and load all updated bank statements into SAP with the speed, ease and frequency required, improving by 400% the previous speed of data introduction, reducing by 50% the people involved. Fewer people, now introduce more extracts, which allows to increase considerably the capacity of response to the needs of their Customers.