Purchasing information system



The Challenge

The Purchasing department had great difficulties analysing information. Excel was extremely slow and cumbersome with all the SAP information, plus there was no real ability to analyse reports in an effective manner, using Pivot tables and Excel formulas.

ADN is responsible for the management of the water supply system for 3.7 million inhabitants, 22% of the continental Portugal area, in an area of 19.687 sqrkm.





The solution

ADN started using ALLOS to get data from SAP. Rather than using Excel Pivot Tables and formulas, they started using ALLOS formulas in their already built reports. All the reports that previously required complex formulas and pivot tables, with multiple versions depending on the infoset downloaded from SAP, were adapted with little dificulty. The ALLOS team set up the data and reporting structure, taking into account the needs of the business. The change was easy, quick and painless, since ALLOS works on Excel, a program already well-known to end-users.



The results

By using Allos, the purchasing department started to have all the information in Excel through the Allos formulas. Excel does not get heavy as data is taken directly from the database, without extractions.

The purchasing team became completely independent to produce reports, charts, visualizations, formatting and analysis for all the necessary information.