Period end Closing routines and reports



The Challenge

Period end routines used to take a week to complete, even with one employee assigned exclusively to each company. The available routines were rudimentary, which led to a huge need to allocate time and human resources to the task. Period end reports were taken from SAP, but it was necessary to export to Excel to work on the layouts and to structure the information.

AQUAPOR is the privately held company market leader in public services of Supply, Sanitation and Waste Collection and Urban Cleaning. In addition to Portugal, AQUAPOR is present in Angola, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia and China.





The solution

Aquapor built workbook where it updates, in Excel, the values, dates and all the changes / estimates that it considers relevant for period end posting, crossed check with other relevant information in the system. Then, the only thing required is to press 1 button and ALLOS does all the rest.

The template for the various closing reports for the month was tailored to fill the needs and preferences of the various departments and the formats are controlled by the users. In addition, the reports for all the 14 companies are automatically produce by updating the templates in ALLOS.



The results

With ALLOS the time has drastically reduced from 4 to 1 day in period end postings. As the Group companies increased, it became possible to do much more, with the same number of people in the team.

Standardized period-end reports take only 2 hours to finish when before it took 4 days.