Telesoft Tecnologies

Customer Service Manangement in MS Outlook



The Challenge

Telesoft Technologie handled a large amount of support process emails that were manually uploaded to SAP. The challenge was for Allos to allows data introduction to be made automatically from Outlook to SAP. In addition, it was necessary to manually manage the entire audit trail of all contacts with customers and Telesoft activities, for a specific incident.

Telesoft Technologies, founded in 1989 and headquartered in the UK, is a global provider of government cybersecurity infrastructure, mobile telecommunications products and services to assist law enforcement and national security authorities. Telesoft Technologies is active in Europe, the Americas and Asia, working directly with the local authorities in several countries.





The Solution

ALLOS was used to introduce new CSN, new activities for each CSN and phone calls, recording all the interaction with the customer into SAP notifications. At the same time it would record the email into the documentat management system for full traceability. It would also manage the status of CSNs, considering the time the CSN was on hold due to various situations.




CSN e-mail management significantly facilitates checking e-mails to and from customers, as well as all internal calls and requests. The processes were accelerated and performed with ease by all in the organisation. Allos improved the calculation of custom SLAs and search for information on serial numbers and materials. It also created great improvement in data consistency for relevant objects in SAP: notification, activity, SAP document.