Accounting and Manangement reporting



The Challenge

Whenever it was necessary to cross scattered information, to make analyzes and produce reports, the finance department needed to export data into Excel. Whenever new data was needed a dificult process ensued where you had to process the data, build the formulas and adapt templates and layouts, each time that wanted to update the data. All this meant that there was little flexibility and limited autonomy, ever dificult for a growing company.

AQUAPOR is the privately held market leader in public services of Supply, Sanitation and Waste Collection and Urban Cleaning. In addition to Portugal, AQUAPOR / LUSAGUA is present in Angola, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia and China.





The solution

AQUAPOR chose ALLOS to overcome the need to reduce the time spent in the preparation of Management control reports, creating all its reports in ALLOS. These reports include all those related to GL accounts, third parties, cash flows, cost centre, internal orders, temporary projects and personnel.

The initial implementation was done without interruption in the daily processes, not only because it was not necessary to stop the productive system, but also because it was not necessary to acquire additional hardware, nor did they make changes to the business system, SAP in this case. The ALLOS team set up the data and reporting structure, defined the automatisms taking into account the needs of the business, without having to allocate the employees, in the Client, solely to the ALLOS project. And the change was easy, quick and painless, since ALLOS works on Excel, the program already in use.



The results

From the moment AQUAPOR started using ALLOS, it was possible to cross-reference SAP data with data from other internal and external databases, without relying on third parties. The ability to create layouts and templates whenever deemed necessary, adapting or modifying them to suit the company needs, allowed for much more varied and detailed reporting and information. ALLOS crosses data from diverse origins, through formulas predefined by the business and always keeps the most updated information from the system. This has dramatically reduced the time to build reports and exponentially increase the ability to analyze in detail the various business variables.