Reporting for multiple companies in multiple countries



The Challenge

Magnavirtus needed to accelerate the process of building and delivering management reports to its customers. It was critical that the whole reporting process be automated, fast and flexible, while maintaining information consistency. There was already a good level of automation, and reports were updated from system extracts and then applied to macros and Pivot tables that would create the reports. However, the usual risks of using this approach were high for such sensitive information: wrong copies, complex spreadsheets, late information, rework needed, version manangement.

Magnavirtus provides services to a group of more than 80 companies in multiple countries. It also provides consultancy services in all fields, as well as studies, data processing and business intermediation in real estate and international trade.





The solution

Magnavirtus has chosen ALLOS to overcome the need to reduce the time spent in the preparation of management control reports, and began to build all its reports in ALLOS. Magnavirtus uses ALLOS to generate management reports that include, on a monthly basis, 80 companies, third parties, ledger accounts, cash flows, currency revaluation, seniority of balances and other key financial accounting items.



What do we believe

ALLOS allowed the construction of own models, practically without IT intervention, giving an enormous autonomy to the management control team of Magnavirtus. This resulted in significant productivity gains, dramatically reducing reporting time and allowing greater efficiency in analyzing the produced information. Magnavirtus now has full autonomy to build its own customized reports tailored to the specific needs of each of its customers, without intervention of either its IT teams or ALLOS team. Thus, it was able to differentiate itself in the market, responding more quickly, efficiently and expeditiously to its customers. As ALLOS guarantees flexibility, but also security and consistency of the produced information, Magnavirtus has a high capacity to respond to requests from its customers, always with high quality.