ATMAD - Purchasing forms

Decentralisation and more efficiency



The challenge

ATMAD had a dispersed workforce and for anyone with no access to central systems, working in remote locations, it was difficult to easily fill in purchase requisitions, reservations or purchase orders. They used to call and send emails, and always found it dificult to use the central system, which were much more complex. This lead to delays and errors in communication and filling in of data.

Aditionally, ATMAD needed to speed up the upload of large amounts of purchasing items such as Chemicals. All the data that came from the telemetry and laboratory (requested analyzes) could not be entered directly into the system. This generated a lot of additional work, now unnecessary, and many errors because there were many people reporting information in various ways, which exposed the existence of inaccuracies.

ATMAD, S.A. is responsible for the construction, management and operation of the Multimunicipal System for Water Supply and Sanitation in North East Portugal., covering and area of 11,748 km2.





The solution

Allos has created forms for purchase orders, requisitions, etc., so colleagues in remote areas can enter data into self-evaluated forms with all defined dropdowns. Forms have also been created to retrieve telemetry data and laboratory analysis. Users can manage the introduction interface in SAP, so that the correct costs are determined automatically.



The results

ATMAD started to use Allos to decentralize the management of purchases and warehouses in about 100 locations. Users without SAP access are now making purchase and maintenance requisitions, reservations and purchase orders while being able to control their budgets, all in Excel sheets and properly formatted Word documents according to the needs of ATMAD and validations required by SAP. This has resulted in significant time savings, while ensuring data consistency. To manage this flow and consistency of documents, ATMAD integrated ALLOS with its document management system.

Allos also sharply speeded up the update of consumption, reception and purchase of reagents.